Updates & Activities Spring-Summer 2021

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CBHD's Academy of Fellows

The CBHD Academy of Fellows met via Zoom on February 12–13. Among the topics discussed were the role of religion in clinical ethics consultations, radical life extension, moral injury in nursing during COVID-19, and more.

The Bioethics Podcast

Thanks to Zoom, Matthew was able to speak at both Lakeview Presbyterian Church and Willow Crystal Lake on Sanctity of Life Sunday, which took place on January 24.

The Bioethics Colloquium

The Bioethics Colloquium speaking series at Trinity Graduate School this year featured the following lectures:

·    “Machine Morality” by Michael J. Sleasman, PhD

·    “Advising Ethics” by Courtney Thiele, JD, MA

·    The John F. Kilner Bioethics Lectureship: “Natural Law, God, and Human Dignity” with Prof. Robert P. George

Theological Bioethics Roundtable

During the Spring 2021 semester, CBHD continued our tradition of hosting theological bioethics roundtable book discussions. These sessions provide an opportunity for CBHD research staff to interact with graduate and doctoral students at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School so as to foster theological reflection and engagement in bioethics. The book for 2021 was O. Carter Snead, What It Means To Be Human: The Case For The Body In Public Bioethics. The discussion was facilitated by Wilson Jeremiah, ThM, Robert D. Orr Fellow and CBHD Research Analyst.