Updates & Activities - Winter 2013

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Paige Cunningham, JD

• Attended the Christian Legal society national Conference in October.

• Along with Jennifer McVey, spoke to the combined women’s groups of the Orchard church, on the theme of “Beyond Perfect: Lessons from the Tower of Babel.”

Michael Sleasman, PhD

• Interviewed for Moody Radio Midday Connections’ “Bring to Mind” podcast in September revisiting the Christian life of

the mind and engaging technology. the episode aired in October, marking the first anniversary episode from the inaugural episode featuring Michael in October 2012.

• Attended the American Society for Bioethics and humanities annual meeting in October.

Jennifer McVey, MDiv

• In early November spoke with Paige at the orchard Church’s women’s group on the topic of beyond Perfect.

Heather Zeiger, MS, MA

• Since late August, Heather has been contributing a new series of essays to our bioethics.com news blog. These essays unpack some of the scientific and medical background, as well as the ethical issues involved in understanding recent articles in the news. Topics have included molecular robots, stem cell hamburgers, efficient iPS cells, genetics, and mitochondrial replacement and reproductive technology.

• Published “Playing God? The 3-D Printing revolution is here. should We be Concerned about How Far It Will Go?” in the November/December 2013 issue of Relevant. The piece featured interviews with Michael Sleasman and Nigel


Academy of Fellows Consultation

CBHD hosted the third consultation for our Academy of Fellows. This year’s topic “Justice and Bioethics: Towards a Christian Understanding” brought together biblical scholars and theologians to dialogue with our Fellows to explore the unique perspectives of justice that emerge from Old and New Testament studies and the theological traditions. Speakers included: Willem VanGemeren, PhD; Constable Campbell, PhD; and Vince Bacote, PhD; as well as presentations by CBHD fellows Dennis Hollinger, PhD and Bart Cusveller, PhD. The event was live-streamed and will be available online in the near future.

Her Dignity Network Webinar

In early November, the Center hosted our first webinar featuring an interview with CBHD Fellow Mary Adam, MD. The online event was hosted by Jennifer McVey and Paige Cunningham. Dr. Adam answered questions on the topic of “Reducing Maternal Mortality While Increasing Infant Survival: A Case Study from Kenya,” based on her work with Equipping Africa as part of a maternal and newborn community health project in Nairobi, Kenya. The webinar and additional information about Equipping Africa are available on HerDignity.net.