Updates & Activities - Winter 2014

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Paige Cunningham, JD

• In October, was interviewed on “Karl and June Mornings” on Moody Radio (Chicago) about the first wombtransplant baby.

• On October 6, Paige introduced and moderated a panel presentation on “End of Life: Ethical Concerns, Religious Perspectives, and Civil Law,” sponsored by the Chicago Bar Association.

• In October, Paige was a panelist in a roundtable conversation that included the future of evangelicals and bioethics. Panelists included D.A. Carson, Peter Cha, Timothy George, Bryan Lorritts, Tom Nelson, and Ed Stetzer, moderator.

• In November, Paige taught an adult class on reproductive ethics at The Cornerstone Church (Arlington Heights, IL).

Jennifer McVey, MDiv

• In November spoke (along with Paige) at the Trinity Society of Women on Perspectives on Childlessness: Viewing Life from the Journey of Others.

Michael Sleasman, PhD

• In early November his article “A Christian Physician: Combining Conscience, Philanthropia, and Calling” co-authored with CBHD Fellow Gregory W. Rutecki, MD, was accepted for publication in the journal Christian Bioethics.

• In late October was interviewed for the 100th episode of the Bring to Mind podcast, a production of Moody Radio’s Midday Connection. The episode aired in early November exploring the Christian life of the mind, updates in bioethics, and Christian engagement with technology. The episode is available at: http://tinyurl.com/kvy76pc.

• In October represented CBHD at the annual meeting of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities in San Diego


• Published “Dying to Feel Good: Modern Self-Realization & the Painkiller Addiction Epidemic” in the Winter 2014 issue of Salvo Magazine.


CBHD completed the Network’s first campaign in October, which focused on reducing maternal mortality, with the fourth in a series of webinars exploring various aspects of this important issue in global women’s health. The October 8th webinar featured a presentation by Dr. Monique Chireau on “Evidence-Based Best Practices to Address Maternal Mortality.” Videos of the webinars are being released through the Network’s website: www.HerDignity.net.


Everyday Bioethics Audio Commentary - Over the past year, all of the past episodes of the Everyday Bioethics Audio Commentary have been made available through the Center’s translational website: www.everydaybioethics.org. The EB Audio Commentary features three-minute discussions by Paige that originally aired on Moody Radio.

The Christian BioWiki - A number of denominational and institutional statements on bioethical issues have been added or updated by our Fall interns Rebecca Garcia and Ben Parks. We encourage you to visit the website at www.christianbiowiki.org and join us in building this unique resource.


CBHD welcomed several new part-time staff over the summer and early fall. Jenna Perrine – Office Assistant R. Daniel Dake, MA – Research Assistant