Updates & Activities - Winter 2016

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Paige Cunningham, JD, PhD (Cand.)

  • In the Fall 2016 issue of Salvo, discussed the 20th anniversary of the cloning of Dolly the sheep.
  • In October, presented a workshop on the ethics of fetal tissue procurement at the Christian Legal Society conference in Washington, DC.
  • Recorded a video interview on end-of-life decisions for a sermon series at Bridges church in California.
  • Had radio interviews on “motherless babies” and the ethics of the “three-parent baby.” Quoted by World magazine on gene editing of human embryos.

Michael Sleasman, PhD

  • In October, represented CBHD at the annual meeting of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities in Washington, DC.
  • In November, presented “Theological Perspectives for Emerging Technologies: Virtual Presence and Embodied Relations” at the Evangelical Theological Society meeting in San Antonio, and represented CBHD at the American Academy of Religion meeting.

Michael Cox, PhD (Cand.)

  • In November, attended the annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Institute for Biblical Research in San Antonio.

Heather Zeiger, MA

  • Contributed the pieces “Suicide Tolls” and “The Comeback Man” to the Winter issue of Salvo.
  • Continues to offer freelance pieces for Phys.org unpacking important developments published in the scientific literature.

Strategic Partnerships

CBHD continues our ongoing partnership with the Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA) and their bioethics initiatives. In early November, CBHD once again hosted the Fall meeting of CMDA’s ethics committee, chaired by CBHD Senior Fellow William P. Cheshire, Jr., MD.


Did you know that our site Bioethics.com is more than just news headlines? In addition to being a global information source for bioethics news and issues, CBHD research staff also provide a number of resources to assist bioethics educators and students as well as busy professionals. If you find it difficult to stay up on articles that are published relevant to your interest areas, our research staff post listings of relevant articles from a wide spectrum of journals for the 30+ topical areas that are covered on the site. Additionally, the site includes a bioethics event calendar, along with updated lists of bioethics centers and institutions, academic and certificate programs in bioethics, and relevant bioethics journals and serials publications.

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