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February 24, 2023

As we look forward to our 30th annual conference – The Christian Stake in Bioethics Revisited, June 22-24 – this episode of the podcast looks back to the very first address from the very first conference, way back in May of 1994. In this address, Dr. Cameron identifies a profound cultural shift in public life, in institutions, and in professions that has seen each of these areas move away from Judeo-Christian underpinnings. Cameron focuses on medicine and what he identifies, from the Hippocratic Oath, as the three covenants involved in the profession of medicine, one of which in his view has been abandoned. He concludes with two suggestions on what might be done to respond to these changes.

CBHD Members Reading Group: Read Frankenstein with the CBHD Staff

The novel wrestles with themes of creation and destruction, alienation and loneliness, birth and life, the toxicity of revenge, and the quest to conquer the unknown at the cost of one’s own humanity.

Literature professor Karen Swallow Prior has created an edition of this classic that illuminates Shelley’s intended themes and messages, including an extensive introduction to the original author and context of the novel. Through her footnotes and discussion questions, Prior’s commentary also helps the reader understand how to read Frankenstein in light of the gospel.

We will meet via Zoom during the week of April 10 for the book discussion. Exact date and time TBD.

To Participate, become a CBHD Member: https://www.cbhd.org/sign-up

30th Annual Conference

Registration for our 30th annual conference, The Christian Stake in Bioethics Revisited is open and early bird rates are still in effect. For more information and to register, visit https://www.cbhd.org/conf2023