Global Health Headlines (Spring 2023)

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January 2023

January 3: “Drone Advances in Ukraine Could Bring Dawn of Killer Robots” (Associated Press)

January 11: “In Kenya, an Epidemic of Children Hospitalized for Starvation” (Undark)

January 11: “Uganda’s Worst Ebola Outbreak in Two Decades Is Over, W.H.O Declares” (New York Times)

January 12: “Worst Cholera Outbreak in Decades Kills 750 People in Malawi” (Associated Press)

January 16: “Pakistan Launches Anti-Polio Drive Targeting 44M Children” (Associated Press)

January 17: “World Food Program Chief Somali Famine Slowed, Not Avoided” (Associated Press)

January 26: “North Korea Locks Down Capital City Over ‘Respiratory Illness’” (Reuters)

January 31: “Indonesia Finds Local Trader Forged Ingredient Label in Probe of Cough Syrup Deaths” (Medscape)

February 2023

February 7: “Low Immunity, Overwhelmed Hospitals FuelCovid-19 Deaths in Aging Japan” (BBC)

February 9: “Doctors Says Bodies ‘Everywhere’ in Collapsed Iskenderun Hospital” [Turkey/Syria] (Reuters)

February 9: “WHO Sending Medics and Supplies to Turkey and Syria Earthquake Zone”  (Reuters)

February 9: “Sudan’s Tropical Disease Spike Reflects Poor Health System”  (Associated Press)

February 10: “Death Toll in Turkey and Syria Tops 21,000 as Mourners Crowd Cemeteries” (Wall Street Journal)

February 13: “Syrians in Rebel-Held Northwest Saw Little Aid after Earthquakes Struck” (Wall Street Journal)

February 14: “A Rare Marburg Outbreak Sparks a Race Against Time to Test Vaccines and Drugs” [Equatorial Guinea] (STAT News)

February 14: “Report Says Russian Government Is Operating Network of Camps Where It Has Held Thousands of Ukrainian Children Since Start of War” (CNN)

February 15: “How Deadly Was China’s Covid Wave?” (New York Times)

February 16: “Africa CDC Expects Mpox Vaccines to Arrive Within 2 Weeks” (Associated Press)

February 21: “Ukraine’s Health Care on the Brink After Hundreds of Attacks” (Associated Press)

February 21: “New Earthquake Hits Southern Turkey and Syria” (Wall Street Journal)

February 22: “Ukraine’s Health Care Infrastructure Withstands a Year of Destruction” (Axios)

February 22: “In Ukraine, Identifying the Dead Comes at a Human Rights Cost” (Wired)

February 23: “Global Declines in Maternal Mortality Have Stalled” (New York Times)

February 23: “Peru Declares Health Emergency Over Dengue Outbreak” (Medical Xpress)

February 23: “Epidemic Fears after Health Teams Die in Syria Quake” (SciDevNet)

February 24: “The Silent Toll of War: Ukraine’s Growing Mental Health Crisis” (Axios)

March 2023

March 2: “WHO Urges Assistance to African Nations Facing Cholera” (Associated Press)

March 3: “North Korea Suffers One of Its Worst Food Shortages in Decades” (Wall Street Journal)

March 3: “Cough Syrup Likely Culprit in Dozens of Child Deaths in Gambia, Says CDC” (MedPage Today)

March 7: “Teachers Protest Over Suspected Iran Schoolgirl Poisonings” (Associated Press)

March 7: “Malnutrition Rises in Pregnant Women in 12 At-Risk Countries” (Associated Press)

March 9: “‘God Saved My Baby!’ From the Rubble, Joyful Reunions and Moments of Despair” [Turkey/Syria] (Wall Street Journal)

March 10: “As African Children Died, Doctors Fought to Get Toxic Indian Cough Syrup Banned” (Reuters)

March 15: “What Worries Medical Charities About Trying to Help Syria’s Earthquake Survivors” (NPR)

March 17: “Brundi Officials Detect Polio Outbreak Linked to Vaccine” (Associated Press)

March 20: “Report: 43,000 Estimated Dead in Somalia Drought Last Year” (Associated Press)

March 20: “Volunteer Doctors Providing Critical Care Near Ukraine War Front Lines” (Associated Press)

March 21: “Tanzania Reports a Marburg Outbreak, Africa’s Second This Year” (STAT News)

March 22: “A Quarter of the World Population Lacks Safe Drinking Water: UN” (Associated Press)

March 24: “Women Were Already Unequal in the World of Global Health. The Pandemic Made It Worse” (NPR)

March 29: “Cases of Marburg Going Unreported in Equatorial Guinea, WHO Says” (STAT News)

March 31: “Russia Is Waging War on Ukraine’s Hospitals” (Wired)

April 2023

April 3: “Mozambique Works to Contain Cholera Outbreak After Cyclone” (Associated Press)

April 4: “New Marburg Outbreaks in Africa Raise Alarm About the Deadly Virus’s Spread” (New York Times) – Two concurrent outbreaks of the Marburg virus, a close cousin of Ebola that can kill as many as 90 percent of the people it infects, are raising critical questions about the behavior of this mysterious bat-borne pathogen and global efforts to prepare for potential pandemics.

April 13: “Promising New Malaria Vaccine for Kids Approved in Ghana” (Associated Press)

April 14: “India’s Stretched Health Care Fails Millions in Rural Areas” (Associated Press)

April 17: “Sudan Hospitals Struggle with Casualties, Damage in Fighting” (Associated Press)

April 18: “’I am Hearing Anti-Aircraft Fire,’ Says Doctor in Sudan as He Depicts Medical Crisis” [Sudan] (NPR)

April 18: “The Airport on a Fault Line: How Negligence and Mismanagement Made Turkey’s Earthquake Deadlier” (Wall Street Journal)

April 19: “Why Millions of Kids Aren’t Getting Their Routine Vaccines” (NPR)

April 20: “Khartoum’s Hospital System Has Collapsed after Cease-Fire Fails” [Sudan] (NPR)