Updates & Activities (Spring 2023)

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CBHD Hosted Events

  • Held its inaugural Bioethics Round Table Discussion with CBHD members. The group discussed Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the bioethical, social, and theological implications of her work.
  • Hosted a dinner with Dr. Gilbert Meilaender on March 16th to celebrate his delivery of the Kilner Lecture that same evening. Dr. Kilner and his wife Suzanne joined us for both the dinner and the lecture.
  • Welcomed attendees of the EFCA Theology Conference to campus February 8–10, sponsoring a portion of the event.

CBHD Academy of Fellows

  • The Academy of Fellows met on Trinity's Campus February 10–11 and welcomed Dr. Megan Best as a new member. Dr. Best is a bioethicist and palliative care doctor who works for HammondCare, an independent Christian charity. She is also a post-doctoral researcher in psycho-oncology at the University of Sydney, NSW Australia. She is author of Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Ethics and the Beginning of Life (Matthias Media, 2012).
  • CBHD Fellow Dr. Todd Daly delivered the Colloquium lecture at Trinity on February 9th.

CBHD Interns

  • In April, we welcomed Tanner Whetzel to an internship at CBHD. He will complete his MA in Bioethics this summer. He plans on applying to doctoral programs in ethics and practical theology or applied ethics in the near future. He and his wife currently teach English as a foreign language in Brazil.

Other CBHD and TEDS Bioethics News

  • On April 22, TIU MA Bioethics student and U.S. Army Chaplain Maj. Jon Butler hosted a conference entitled “Bioethics and Belief: A Conversation about Faith, Medicine, Science, and Technology” at Edgewater Baptist Church in Chicago. This formed a part of his Bioethics Capstone project. CBHD Executive Director Matthew Eppinette spoke on Issues of Taking Life and Maj. Butler spoke on Beginning of Life Issues and Emerging Technologies.

Staff Bioethical Engagement

Matthew Eppinette, Executive Director:

  • Working with a coalition of folks to educate people in Illinois on the dangers of assisted suicide. He attended a training session in Chicago in December and multiple Zoom meetings.
  • Attended the CMDA National Convention in the Cincinnati area April 27–30. CBHD hosted a gathering of Bioethics alums and friends of The Center while there. It was great to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

Michael Sleasman, Director of Bioethics Degree Program:

  • Attended the Society of Christian Ethics annual gathering. The 2023 event was themed “Vision, Imagination, and Dreams in the Work of Ethics” and was hosted at the Palmer House in Chicago.

Heather Zeiger, Research Analyst:

  • Working on a book project with Jon Tilburt, Maarten Verkerk, and Theo Boer (Academy of Fellows). The book is on care for the frail elderly. A workshop will be held by this team at CBHD’s 2023 conference.
  • Regular contributor to Mornings with Carmen and Mind Matters News. Anna Vollema, Research Scholar:
  • Wrote an Intersections piece entitled “A Beautiful Burden: The Story of a Kidney Transplant Recipient.” The piece launches a new series called “Faces of the Church,” personal accounts of how bioethics issues effect everyday Christians.

Bryan Just, Event & Executive Services Manager:

  • Wrote “Cold Storage: Ethical Issues with Cryogenic Gamete Usage” for Salvo magazine.