The Reproduction Revolution

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The Reproduction Revolution

5th Annual Summer Conference

July 16-18, 1998

Trinity International University, Deerfield, IL

Plenary Speakers

Thursday, June 16

Friday, June 17

Saturday, June 18

Parallel Papers

Friday, June 17

  • Case of the Abortive Surrogate (Staged Trial) - C. Christopher Hook, MD; C. Ben Mitchell, PhD; Nik Nikas, JD; R. Martin Palmer, JD, et al.
  • Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? - Randy Alcorn, ThM; Walt Larimore, MD
  • Induced Abortion as Violating the Conscience of Women - Thomas Strahan, JD
  • Abortion: Truly a Beneficial Option for Women? - Ann Vogel, RN
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Public Policy and Postmoderns: The Spider, the Web, the Fly - Mary Adam, MD
  • Viagra and the Goals of Medicine - Donal P. O'Mathuna, PhD
  • Toward a Christian Perspective on the Moral and Theological Status of Early Embryos - Robert Evans, PhD
  • Some Metaphysical Puzzles Concerning Human Embryogenesis - A.A. Howsepian, MD
  • Sexual Ethics and Reproductive Technologies - Dennis Hollinger, PhD

Saturday, June 18

  • Human Rights and the Right to Abortion - Winston Frost, JD
  • Prenatal Genetic Testing and the Risk of Abortion - Martha Newsome, DDS
  • Should Physicians Be "Value Neutral" The Case of Breast Cancer and Abortion - John Peppin, DO
  • A Healthcare System that Pursues Life Not Death - Michael J. O'Dea, MBA
  • A Clinical Ethics Perspective on Assisted Reproductive Technology - Robert Orr, MD
  • Limiting Abortion: Legislative Compromise as Moral Strategy - Jay Sappington, MA
  • Human Cloning: Technological and Moral Imperatives in Tension - Rebecca Davis Mathias, PhD
  • Should Cloning Humans Be Legally Banned? An Examination of the Constitutional Right to Procreate - Charlene Kalebic, CPA
  • Legal Philosophy, the Ten Commandments, and Roe v. Wade - Thomas Strahan, JD
  • Response to Iglesias and Rae on Reproductive Technologies Outside of Marriage - Agneta Sutton


  • Intensive Bioethics Institute - Nigel M. de S. Cameron, PhD
  • Advanced Bioethics Institute - John Kilner, PhD and Harold O. J. Brown, PhD
  • Bioethics Institute on Abortion - Francis Beckwith, PhD
  • Pre-Med Bioethics Institute - Joyce Shelton, PhD
  • Wrap-Around Conference Graduate Course - Harold O. J. Brown, PhD
  • Wrap-Around Conference Undergraduate Course - Joyce Shelton, PhD
  • Post-Conference Seminar: The Changing Face of Health Care - Harold O. J. Brown, PhD
  • Post-Conference Seminar: Genetic Ethics - C. Ben Mitchell, PhD